Virtual Events

Interactive virtual sessions, workshops, and discussions to foster continuous engagement and learning beyond physical meetings.

This digital platform aims to provide an accessible, inclusive, and dynamic space for sharing knowledge, collaborating, and enhancing professional and personal development in environmental activism and work.

The Virtual Experience

What’s Included?

Interactive Sessions and Workshops

Learn more about environmental issues and activism with sessions and workshops facilitated by experts and community leaders.


Diverse Discussion Forums

Engage in meaningful dialogue, exchange ideas, and build a diverse network.

Professional Development Opportunities

Develop skills and knowledge in the environmental sector with valuable resources and sessions.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Learn and interact with ease in an environment intentionally tailored for accessibility and inclusivity.


Community Engagement

Give and receive support from others who share your passion for environmental justice.

Affinity Groups

Meet and connect with others who share your identity. Our Affinity Groups encompass individuals involved in outdoor recreation, climate organizing, parks and conservation, sustainability, health and wellness, urban planning, food sovereignty, social justice education, and more. 

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