Lance Tsosie


Co-Leader, Native/Indigenous Affinity Group

Born and raised on the Navajo Nation, Lance grew up immersed in his ancestral tradition, culture, and with a deep connection to nature. He grew up herding his grandmother’s goats, riding horses, and exploring the canyonlands surrounding his home – it was here where his sense of wonder grew. Lance received a B.A. from the University of Denver in Political Science and a minor in International Studies, he is an active member of the Denver Native American community, and a strong advocate for social justice. He has professional experience with college access and success programs for dis-invested communities and is currently the Colorado Regional Program Manager at Big City Mountaineers. His approach to Risk Management does not solely focus on physical safety, but on the emotional and social well being of students. With that, justice, equity, diversity and inclusion are heavily applied to his theory of risk management/living with the land in a good way and is at the forefront of field based decisions. He believes so passionately in the power of the outdoors and how it can widen the scope of possibilities for students. He is excited to apply his passion, skills, and energy to support PGM ONE! Ahe’hee

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