While mainstream environmental organizations make incredible, critical strides toward a better tomorrow ,

An equally important issue has flown under the radar:

Communities of Color are disproportionately impacted by environmental degradation & climate change.

(You can fact-check us, we understand)


PGM are the most impacted by (and vulnerable to) environmental issues.


And also the least represented within many modern-day environmental movements and organizations.

That’s where we come in

Planting Growing in Soil

'PGM ONE' exists to provide

An intentional space that centers the experiences of, and relationships between, PGM to heal from experiences of racial oppression & environmental injusticeand to chart a path toward unity & change.

Our Mission & Vision

We envision a world that centers, values, uplifts, and empowers those most impacted by environmental harm and climate change.

Our Mission: To chart a path toward environmental justice and collective liberation.

Paving a Path to a Brighter, More Equitable Future

Because when we step into our collective power, we begin to dismantle barriers that prevent Communities of Color from

Breathing clean air & drinking clean water

Eating healthy, culturally relevant foods

Enjoying nature &
the outdoors

Practicing important cultural traditions

Having protection during extreme weather & other environmental crises