People of the Global Majority in the Outdoors, Nature, and Environment

We are a nonprofit organization established for BIPOC individuals to gather, learn, heal, and collaborate on US-based environmental movements—charting a path toward environmental justice and collective liberation.

What does “People of the Global Majority” mean?

Over 80% of the world’s population identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color. Collectively, we are

People of the Global Majority.

We use ‘People of the Global Majority’ (PGM) interchangeably with ‘BIPOC’ as an empowering and validating phrase that challenges the inaccurate euphemism ‘minority’.

did you know?

PGM are the most impacted by environmental issues,
and the least represented within environmental movements & organizations.

That’s where we come in

Planting Growing in Soil

'PGM ONE' exists to provide

An intentional space that centers the experiences of, and relationships between, PGM to heal from experiences of racial oppression & environmental injusticeand to chart a path toward unity & change.

Our Programs

Opportunities to Get Involved

Come Together

Annual Summit

Educating and empowering diverse voices most affected by environmental issues.

These interactive sessions, educational outings, and collaborative projects help participants deepen their understanding of environmental stewardship, race and social justice, and community building-enhancing their capacity for making a difference.


Leaders Council

Creating impactful strategies, programs, and communications to advance our collective goals.

This program unites members across our Working Groups with PGM ONE staff to help steer the organization’s vision and collaborate on environmental initiatives.

Stayed Connected

Virtual Events

Connecting and empowering the People of the Global Majority in the environmental sector.

This digital platform offers an array of interactive sessions, workshops, and discussions, ensuring continuous engagement and learning beyond our annual Summit.

Free Virtual Community

Join Our Slack Community

Our PGM ONE slack channel is a space devoted to People of the Global Majority, encompassing individuals involved in outdoor recreation, climate organizing, parks and conservation, sustainability, health and wellness, urban planning, food sovereignty, social justice education, and more.


Discover environmental movements, initiatives, and other ways to make a meaningful impact in the world,


Connect, collaborate, and network with fellow community members,


Share and receive valuable resources,


Celebrate community and personal achievements 🎉
And so much more!

we're better

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